Saturday, November 26, 2011

Oh Birthday You Were So Very Good To Me...

(photo above taken last night at cheesecake factory)

Let's see, so my birthday was yesterday & it was swell! 
I mostly celebrated on Tuesday...I went to a Noah & The Whale show
at House Of Blues at Downtown Disney! 
It was complete fait...I looked up last Sunday shows that were 
going on in the area & boom! A favorite European band playing 
at one of my favorite venues & still tickets for sale?! I was so so so excited. 
Me & my family went out to dinner at my favorite sushi restaurant.
Afterward me & my younger sister Caitlin drove off to the show! 

I'm going to be short & sweet.
I have gone to a great amount of shows....I have never enjoyed myself 
more in my life at a show as I did Noah & The Whale.
These gentlemen are absolutely outstanding & have so much talent. 
Thank you so much for making my birthday so wonderful.

Lots of Love,