Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Me & my Pops! 

He's the greatest man you'll ever meet.
He know's how to fix just about anything you can think of.
Has been building bikes since he was just a boy.
Is very humble, goofy, funny, and genuine.
Not too many people are lucky enough to have 
such a wonderful father in their life. 
A lot of girls now a days are the way they
are because of the lack of love they get 
from their pops. I'm a classy gal because I've 
got a dad who loves me a whole lot and 
I don't feel the need to go searchin' for 
love...and when that time does come around,
when I meet the man of my dreams I won't 
have to tell him about all my past loves because
I won't have any! He'll be my one true love. 
Oh man...after re-reading that, I am such a cheese ball.
But hey it's the honest to God truth! 


1 comment:

  1. Oh my !!! I'm dying !! I want to be adopt in your family ! Do you need a big sister ???

    Oh my !!! Panshovel, fishtails, huge Sissy bar ! ooooooohhh i'm dying beyond this beauty !! the perfect bike !!!!